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The Human Cannonball – Joe West


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Joe West’s second FULL LENGTH album on Frogville.

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09/2005 This album put Santa Fe music & Frogville on the map!
Come to Fanta Se and find Trotsky at Bert’s Burger Bowl, fly through the air in a cheap car, scrape by with desert angels and head on down to the Cowgirl with this one magical disc. Meet Jimmy Joe the Wrangler and Joe’s aunt, Anita, boogie down in a gay bar and lose your girl to Oklahoma. Head up to Colorado for a jam band show only to come running back. This is a definitive Joe West record, you’re gonna love it!

1. The Combines are Comin’
2. Oklahoma Bound
3. The Human Cannonball
4. $300 Car
5. Anita Pita 6. Trotsky’s Blues
7. Straight Man in a Gay world
8. Jam Bands in Colorado
9. Cowgirl Hall of Fame
10. Banker’s Son
11. Jimmy Joe the Wrangler
12. Talkin Terror Yodel
13. Heaven


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