Established officially in 2003, Frogville Studios has been built by artists for artists. The idea has always been to create a palace dedicated to the creative process itself, where people could come from anywhere in the world, stay in privacy, and have everything they need to bring their musical vision to life. We remain dedicated to this vision, and are continually doing everything in our power to improve and refine our creative playground, for you.
The studio itself consists of four rooms (and a mic closet)

The Control Room (14′ x 16′ x 11.5′) is setup for listening. It seats 6 plus the engineer comfortably, plus it’s connected to the kitchen so you can listen while you cook!

The Amp Room (12′ x 16′ x 11.5′) houses Frogville’s collection of vintage tube amps and of course our guitars and basses can be found in here as well. It also serves to isolate guitar amps from the main tracking room.

The Isolation Booth (7′ x 10.5′ x 11.5′) has a glass door leading to the main tracking room. You can put a vocalist in there and still maintain eye contact with the rest of the band,
or it can be used for anything else you want to separate from the main tracking room. There’s even been whole drumkits mic’ed up in there.

The Big Room is one of, if not the largest tracking room in the city. It’s high ceilings and ample space give it a sound all it’s own. Absolutely great for drums and anything else you might put in here, this room also houses our keyboard collection.
The walls of “The Big Room” are covered with studio owner John Treadwell’s art. The art serves two purposes as it contributes to the creative atmosphere and also acts as a sound treatment that helps to shape the sound of the room.

Everyone that comes up the hill falls in love with this place. From the moment you step out of your car and see the 360 degree views of all of Santa Fe and the 3 surrounding mountain ranges you know that you’re not in a sterile studio space. Often desribed as “cozy” Frogville will make you feel at home so that you can get about the business of recording your music.

Check out the time lapse video of the installation of our new desk!