1. Red Lights
  2. Broken Open
  3. Grow Your Own
  4. Movin’ by Lovin’
  5. Waiting
  6. Ain’t Nobody
  7. My Love (is with You)
  8. Wagon
  9. Plastic Pony
  10. Take a Drink
  11. Warsong
  12. Never Let Your Lover down
  13. Aliens & Angels in Capes Dancing
  14. Safe

This CD has been OUT OF PRINT since 2005 ..BUT I have a couple of originals left. Based on the success of “Sweet Things,” High Sierra Records picked up ThaMuseMeant and flipped the bill for “Grow Your Own.” This record marks the debut appearence of Aimee’s songwriting, with two great songs that she wrote, My Love (is with you) and Take a Drink. As fate would have it, “Grow Your Own” turned out to be the last album ThaMuseMeant would record with drummer Jeff Sussmann and the last one they released before disbanding in 2000. It also contains some of ThaMuseMeant’s most overtly political statements although they still swear, “we meant it another way.”