Sunset at Frogville Studios

Santa Fe is the oldest capitol in the USA, founded by Spanish colonists in 1610. Native American culture meets Spanish colonial culture and then add white people to the mix trying to soak up all the culture and you get a unique environment ripe with energy.

In the mid 1960’s hippies escaping overrun San Francisco flower power invasion also discovered Santa Fe and rural New Mexico in general and the Hog Farms were created, the first communes documented in Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider in 1969.
The Billy Jack movies were also filmed here.

Santa Fe is 6 hours from Denver
Santa Fe is 8 hours from Flagstaff
Santa Fe is 12 hours from Austin
Santa Fe is 10 hours from Dallas
Santa Fe is 12 hours from Los Angeles

Tell your booking agent to book your tour to Santa Fe and then to leave off 3-5-7 days whatever you need to record hot off the road and then continue the tour.
We can record you live and seat 40 ticket holders split the draw.