Heavy Vintage Analog Front End with most of the usual suspects.

The Big Room is grand with a 17 foot ceiling and the Motown 1 second reverb giving the perfect live sound for and voice or ensemble or strings or a full mariachi band with horns or any rock band who wants to record live and get the biggest, best drum sounds you have ever recorded.

We have an isolated vocal booth, an amp room filled with vintage tube amps, mic closet, under the stairs… there are many places to stash / mic amps for separation in order to capture the magic for the best live recording possible.

For the artists Frogville has just upgraded to a 16 channel personal headphone mix system so everyone can dial in just the way they each want it, click or no click.

Did I mention the upstairs bunkhouse that sleeps 5 adults or 8 hippies comfortably, laundry, kitchen, views..?

Analog Front End


Yamaha NS10

Yamaha HS8 + HS8S sub


Coleman monitor switching


1974 API 1604 modded to a 1602 by Steve Firlotte with 16 channels ** plus racked 8 ch API 4x 512c / 4x FD312/WHR4 Wally Heider gives us 24 channels of API at one time.

Focusrite Control 24 Pro Tools controller with Flying Faders

other preamps

Telefunken V72 tube preamp**

2x Neve 1084

3x RND 511

2x AML ex1073

2x Geoff Daking Trident A range

2x AEA ribbon pre

4x Focusrite Red 1

2x UA M610 tube pre’s

2x Tube Tech MP1a **

RND 5059 satellite summing bus w/inserts

API 5500 stereo EQ

Pultec EQP-1S3

Orban 642b para EQ/notch filter

5x 1176 (purple mc77(2xF)/HB (2xD)/HB Blue stripe(1xA))

2x LA2A

2x LA3

2x DBX160VU

Tube Equipment SR71 stereo tube comp**

2x Focusrite Blue 230 st comp

2x Dramastic Obsidian

2x L2 Waves ultra maximizer brick wall limiter


Lexicon 300m reverb**

1957 EMT 140 tube plate reverb Famous Pedigree NYC/RCA/WHSF mono in stereo out

H3000 D/SE kitchen sink options

Mutronics Mutator s/n 001

Radial tank driver

Radial Xamp reamp

Radial EXTC reamp


Neumann U87 1968

Neumann TLM49

Peluso P-84 (2) (KM84)

Neumann clone CMV563 (2) with vintage M7 lollipops (2)

Lucas CS-4’s #92/93 (2) U47/U48 ish

Sony C500

AKG c414EB p48 (2)


AKG D112

Sennheiser MD409

Sennheiser MD421/2 (2)

Sennheiser MD441


EV RE16 (2)

EV RE11 (2)

Shure sm57 (10)

Shure sm58 (3)

Shure KSM32 (2)

Shure Sm7 (2)

Shure Sm7b (2)

Coles 4038 (2)

Toshiba G (RCA 77) (3)

Blue baby bottles (2)

MBHO cardiods/hypercards (2)

Placid Audio copperphone


Bixonic expandora original OD

Boss CS2 compression sustainer

Boss CS3 compression sustainer

Boss CEB3 bass chorus

Boss TU3 chromatic tuner

Boss HM2 heavy metal

Boss DS1 distortion

Deltalab SC1 stereo chorus

Digitech death metal

DOD overdrive 250

Dunlop Fuzzface  Dallas Arbiter

Durham sex drive

Fulltone 70

HAZ mu-tron III+

Leslie pre amp II for 9pin Leslie

Maestro PS-1A phase shifter

Marshall EH-1 echohead delay

Mister cry baby

Menatone 7 knob howie dumbletone

Radial Tonebone  bass bone

Tech 21 sansamp

Trainwreck Airbrake attenuation

Washburn AD9 analog delay

tone bakery cream fraische

EH Qtron+


EH Bi Filter

Multivox tape echo

Roland Re-201 space echo



vintage Ampeg portaflex B15

modern Ampeg BA115

Kustom model I-B**


58 Airline 2×12

58 Airline 1×12

59 Airline reverb tank

64 Alamo tube amp

Fender black face Bandmaster

Fender black face Bassman 80 watt mod in blonde cab

Fender 62 Brown face Princeton vibrato

Fender 63 tube reverb tank

Fender 63 reissue reverb tank

Fender 65 vibrolux reverb**

Fender 65 Princeton reverb reissue

Fender black face super champ 82 Rivera

Gibson Falcon

Gretsch 55 electromatic deluxe

Magnatone  59 413

Magnatone 60 411

Marshall 68 Plexie super bass 100**

Musicman 75 210

National 58 valco

Oahu 47

Silvertone 59 1330

Silvertone 59 1332

Silvertone 59 1336 tube head

Vox 66 tube cambridge reverb

various 1x 2x 4x speaker/cab options


Rhodes 73

Wurlitzer 206A

Hohner C3 clavinet

Hammond C3 + Leslie rotating cab (from Chuck Berry’s Memphis studio)

Hammond A100

upright 1876 roadhouse

1940s baby grand

Baldwin electro piano


usb keys for midi etc..

Roland TR8s drum machine


65 Ludwig 22 kick 2x 18 floor toms, 66 supraphonic snare**

90’s Slingerland 1off PE/Gibson 24kick 18 floor tom ,rack toms, snare ( 1-off from Public Enemy Singerland/Gibson cross promo)

cymbals basics

vintage 14″ hi hats, 60’s ride, 60’s crash

vintage RCA boom stand**


Martin 018 1950

G&L F100 active pickups

Gibson les paul studio p-90’s

Squire tele ugly but awesome

Fender P-bass

Digital Back End

while we continue repairs to our fleet of 1″ 16 track reel to reels…

ProTools 8 HD2 / PowerMac

2x 16ch Lynx Aurora AD/DA = 32ch live

Focusrite Control 24 controller with flying faders

Glyph hard drives

** not owned but on loan to Frogville studios