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new studio is open!


for artists & bands To book / schedule studio time with BILL PALMER call Stephanie 505.470.7868 email

for bands / engineers / producers to book the studio Call John 505-982-4001 for special bookings, viewing appointments, Label stuff, the radio show..etc. email

** NEW ADDITION 1968 Marshall "plexi" 100w Super Bass + matching cab greenbacks

~ Frogville Studios ~ Best tracking studio in the SouthWest ~ Coolest studio vibe ever ~

 The NEW and improved Frogville recording studio is open! The whole place is wired! Brand new Mogami cable looms run thru pipes under the floors and connects all the new gear thru new dsub tt patchbays. We got a new headphone system! We got a new Mac Pro 8 core + PT8 + PT HD2 + Uad2 Quad + Lynx Aurora 16 converters. We also have one of the largest private tracking rooms in New Mexico and it sounds glorious, Live but not too Live! Other noteworthy improvements are a vocal booth and a new amp room, 2x isolation closets. Treated rooms throughout. Large vintage tube amp collection. A Growing Mic collection including Neumann, AKG, Coles, Shure, RCA, Lucas, Sennheiser, MBHO....

We are currently working on the artist lounge and bunkhouse upstairs. Basically the coolest and most pro-functional home studio ever, to sleep 8, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, laundry, 3000 square feet of recording studio, the big shady front porch, the vibe, the view & room to park a tour bus out front. All available at reasonable rates.

ADR professional services coming soon ISDN Telos V/O Looping..... a room with a view.


big tracking room 26'x34'x17'

vocal booth 8'x12'x11'

amp room 12'x18'x11'

Control Room 16'x30'x10'

iso closet 1 6'x12'x11'

iso closet 2 under stairs

ISDN Telos Zephyr for ADR, V/O, Looping for film

furman hd system x 6 hr6 sattelites

6 x akg k240 studio headphones

6 x assorted headphones


aurora lynx 16 ch ad da

mac pro 8 core

pro tools 8 HD2

UAD2 quad omni w/ 36 UAD plugs

TDM plug ins

helios / pye TDM

jjp TDM

glyph hard drives

control 24 w/ flying faders

hafler p7000 power

dynaudio bm15s

hafler p7000 power

yamaha NS10s

hafler p1500 power

auratone cube (old)

Altec 604d vintage 60's



2x lucas CS-4 coming soon (late 2011)

2x lucas CS-1 coming late (2012-2013)

1x neumann u87ai

1x neumann tlm49

2x neumann gefell cmv563 clones w/ vintage m7 neumann capsules

1x AKG 414 EB

1x AKG 414 ULS

1x akg D12

1x akg d112

1x akg d224e

1x akg c1000

2x BLUE baby bottles

2x coles 4038 ribbon

1x copperphone

1x ev re20

1x ev 660

1x ev 664

2x ev 666

2x MBHO 603 SDC mics w/ cardiod +hyper card capsules

1x rca sk46

2x sennheiser md421 N vintage

1x sennheiser 441 N vintage

2x Shure 545sd unidyne III

8x Shure sm57

1x Shure beta 57

2x Shure sm58

1x Shure sm7b

1x Shure beta 52



2x BAE neve 1084

2x daking 52270H w/EQ

4x (1) red 1

4x api 512c

2x p1 pacifica

2x grace v2


2x BAE Neve 1084

2x daking 52270H  w/eq

2x a designs em-peq

2x helios re24 VINTAGE

2x orban 672A eq

4x 1959 Blonder Tongue Audio Baton tube eq


2x UA La2a

2x purple mc77

2x dbx 160 vu

1x orban 424A  (2ch)

6x dbx 903

2x dbx 902 de essers

4x spl transient designer

2x valley people dynomite


pioneer SR-202 reverb

mutronics mutator

maestro phase shifter

7 knob howie


bixonic expandora

fuzz face

trainwreck airbrake

Dod OD


1968 MARSHALL PLEXI 100w Super Bass + matching 1982b cab w/greenbacks

custom Kelemen 30w Dumble clone + 2x12 custom Kelemen cab

2 x custom Brett Davis amps

ampeg b18x

ampeg b15n

airline 60's tube spring reverb tank

airline 1950 - 8500

airline 1950 - 8502 (2) a + b

fender 61 princeton brown

fender 62 bassman blonde modded 80 watt

fender 65 bandmaster blackface

fender 65 tube reverb RI

fender 77 twin

fender 82 super champ

fender  champ 600 RI/modded to 1950 5c1 circuit

fender 63 reverb 90s ri

gibson falcon

2x12 fender cabs vint utc

2x12 fender cabs jensen mods

2x12 celestion greenbacks

1x12 50's wolverine silvertone

1955 gretsch electromatic deluxe

harmony H303

harmony H410

magnatone estey 411

marshall 1960 4x12 cab

marshall 4x12 cab newer

marshall jcm 800 50w

national valco 1956

oahu lap steel amp 1940's

silvertone 1330

silvertone 1331

silvertone 1332

silvertone 1336 all tube head

silvertone 1484 tube head 50w

univox 1969 model 1031 tube head 100w

vox 66 all tube cambrige v103/v3



1928 kimball upright

1970 baldwin electro piano

1960's wurlitzer 200a

1957 hammond c3

1974 leslie 177

1964 hammond m3

1975 hammond 7100 w/leslie

1980 Rhodes 73 Mk II


fender p bass

fender strat

fender tele

g & l strat

1950 martin oo18

tape not available at this time

2x tasam ms 16 1" 16 track +1 extra for parts

ass'td native drums

congas & bongos

lots of percussion toys

guitar pedals

mapex drum kit

slingerland  rock kit  1 off special ed.

timpani 32"






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