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"ThaMuseMeant, a quartet with an unbelievably original sound, is not your average rock band, and its difficult to place its music into any one category. It successfully combines elements of bluegrass, country, rock, swing, folk, jazz and jam rock. These, paired with melodic vocals and lyrics rivaling those of Bob Dylan, create a one-of-a-kind musical experience."
- Kari Freund Daily Lobo

On Silver Seed, Pelta's sultry gypsy-style fiddling brings fresh perspective to the image-driven lyrics of veteran members Moore and Curl. Curl stands out on this latest effort with vocals making her seem like the love child of Björk and Reeltime Traveler Martha Scanlan.

ThaMuseMeant tastefully channel swing, jazz and old-time styles in their original acoustic folk material. Given the geographical meandering of this now Portland-based troupe of musicians, it is astounding that their mesmerizing new album comes across absolutely focused and grounded.
-Caroline Keys

"The people who love ThaMuseMeant are people who love songs, who love great pickin; and people who love poetry -- some of the old world talents. There seems to be less of that in the world lately -- I don't know, maybe we're old world revolutionaries."
-Nathan Moore interview

Building on the sweet jangle of bluegrass but tilting its face to absorb the rays of modern folkgrass, alt country and gypsy jazz, ThaMuseMeant entangles a crisp rural twang, a lazy front porch rumble, and a sneaky, creeping story quality of mischief, sinister parlours and shadowy, back corners of smoky pubs, all wrapped up within the unassuming voice of guitar, mandolin, fiddle and the common country folk get-up. Standing out as a favorite among the jam band and bluegrass scene, their ability to inject innovation into well worn, exhausted genres, especially with Amiee Curl's spooky, distinctive vocals, gives this gang of musicians the striking talent to light a fire under the ass of good, ol' time music.
-"Silver Seed" Review from "CD Baby"

"I know a song can be a prayer. I know a song can be a sword." ThaMuseMent have hammered out a great collection of both. Dropping the drums and strapping on the strings, the band reunited after a three-year break to produce this set of wandering tunes that feels like an acoustic version of Bob Dylan's Desire. Much of it is sad and plaintive in the way gypsy music can be; each smile hard won, every mile felt beneath bad shoes, happiness, if it comes at all, "sweet as the wind blown through" the lips of your love. They find new meaning in well-worn phrases, further proving that Nathan Moore is a songwriter to be reckoned with. His vocal foil, Aimee Curl, may remind you of Edie Brickell or Victoria Williams, capital "Q" quirky but in a way that adds a nice twist. The longest piece, "Protest Song," is a smart, lonely outcry for the common folk, something in the true spirit of that sandal-wearing Jew who got nailed for speaking up. The tone of Silver Seed is similar to '80s Loudon Wainwright albums with Richard Thompson, an acoustic rustle befitting the thoughtful lyrics. In addition to Moore's guitar and Curl's upright bass, there's Enion Pelta on violin and David Tiller on mandolins and banjo. After Moore's strong showing with The Slip earlier this year on Surprise Me Mr. Davis, this comes as a double pleasure, back country folk for city dwellers, the shining gem of something newly mined with old tools.
-Dennis Cook *** Find my ramblings & an archive of articles at

ThaMuseMeant is a four-piece travelin' band out of Northern New Mexico. Their music stems from the grass roots of Irish, bluegrass, country, rock and swing. Fans love dancing to the band while at the same time enjoy lyrics that "weave landscapes" and are "ripe with stories." ThaMuseMeant combines the thrill of a jam band with the craft of songwriting to an unprecedented degree. Referred to by some as "Acid Folk," ThaMuseMeant has a sound, a feeling, a style all of its own.


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